Crippen agrees that disabled people should push for radical overhaul of society after pandemic

Crippen Cartoons

Those of us familiar with the social model understanding of disability have long advocated that it is society that needs fixing, and not those of us with ‘disabilities’ (sic).

So, when we hear people say that they cannot wait for society to return to ‘normal’ once this coronavirus pandemic is over, I would suggest that we should all be campaigning to radically overhaul the way in which society is organised.

And it’s not just me: Dr Miro Griffiths, speaking during an online presentation on COVID-19 and disability hosted by Leeds university, said the UK government’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic – through its guidance and policies – had been to reinforce ideas of individualism and personal responsibility.

In an article in the Disability News Service (DNS), Dr Griffiths, a disabled academic and a Research Fellow at Leeds University said this had led to a “really worrying” relaxation and…

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