The Complete Catalogue of Corporate Media Hypocrisy Concerning Jeremy Corbyn

The Free Press?

We have previously documented the extraordinary campaign by Blairite elements of the Labour party and the corporate media to tar Jeremy Corbyn with the stigma of anti-Semitism (in spite of his lengthy record as an anti-racist campaigner including 50 occasions where he has stood with the Jewish community).

The double-standards employed to do so have been so shameless and Orwellian we feel compelled to document them.

A genuine “free press” would call out double-standards. Instead, the press have amplified claims against Corbyn while ignoring or minimising counter evidence. This has enabled smoke and mirrors from Corbyn’s enemies to build to such a raging fire that newspaper front pages in the run up to the 2019 General Election claimed that he posed an “existential threat” to British Jews.

The full list of double standards is below. The way these have been presented, shaped and barely interrogated by the corporate media is…

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