The Free Press?

By Sean Rankin

Image courtesy of Bing Creative Commons.
Starmer’s Fifth Column?

As we were conducting research into individuals registered as donors to Keir Starmer, we encountered an anomaly. A donor to Starmer named Helen Rowe, on whom we have been unable to corroborate further details, had also donated £10,000 to an entity called The Labour Tribune MP’s Group.

The only other registered donors are Patrick Allen (£10,000) and Labour Together Ltd (£15,000).

Labour Together is an anti-Corbyn campaign group funded by two individuals, Sir Trevor Chinn and Martin Taylor. We cover both men in our forthcoming article as both are registered donors to Keir Starmer.

Current registered Directors of Labour Together include Lisa Nandy MP and Jon Cruddas MP. Keep this in mind as we dig deeper into the Tribune Group!

Now of course our spidey senses tingled wondering what the connection could be between donors linked to Starmer, centrist pressure groups and a group…

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