It is a fact that Progressive politics are more popular – so how do Conservatives keep winning?

Van Rants

The majority of UK voters are Progressive.

If you combine votes for the more progressive parties, they ALWAYS total more than the total number of votes for Conservative parties.

If British people are shown policies without being told which party are proposing them, they overwhelmingly support the more Progressive policies over the more Conservative ones.

It is an undeniable fact that the majority of voters across the UK are Progressive. . . but if this is the case, how do the Conservatives keep getting elected?

  • Vote splitting between progressive parties
  • Electoral rigging via selective boundaries and First Past the Post voting system
  • A media which is free to lie about progressive parties
  • Establishment sabotage from both inside and outside progressive parties.

Throughout the UK’s history, the mainstream press and establishment have sought to undermine progressive politics, continually working to prop up the minority of Conservative supporters.  Even given the extraordinary…

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