Petition to Restore the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn

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The former Labour leader has been readmitted to the party but Starmer has refused him the Labour whip following whining and moaning by the usual rightist troublemakers. I’ve just received this email from Labour Against Austerity asking people to sign a petition calling for the whip to be restored.

ACTION ALERT: Restore the Whip to Jeremy Corbyn

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As reportedhere(retweethere), there is growing support across the labour movementfor the PLP whip to be restored to Jeremy Corbyn following his re-instatement into the Labour Party.

We are writing to ask you help us get 50,000 signatures on the petitionhereto this end.As Richard Burgon MP said,“Jeremy should immediately have the whip restored. At a time of national crisis, division in the Labour party serves nobody but the Tory Government.”Please take 30 seconds to spread…

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