Antisemitism claims? Lesley Docksey sets the record straight and asks two questions


After reading an earlier article on this site, Lesley Docksey wrote:

It seems to have been forgotten that most of the antisemitism claims came once Corbyn became leader, making it fairly obvious this was a tactic to get rid of him. 

Remember how Ken Livingstone was forced out?  His remarks about Hitler/Zionism were not made up, but a matter of historical record.  But apparently, just quoting historical records is being antisemitic.

And what does anti-Semitism really mean?  Semites all speak a Semitic language.  Hebrew is a Semitic language, but so is Arabic.  If anti-Semitism is anti-Jews then it is also anti-Palestinians.  Corbyn is very definitely neither, nor are his supporters.

The actual number of people who had their party membership removed because of dodgy comments on Facebook, Twitter etc. was really small and looks even smaller when you realise how huge the membership was at that time.  Corbyn claims…

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