Socialists Must Build a Mass Movement to Force “Test and Trace” to be Taken into Local Control

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby is correct in his criticisms of the Tories so-called test and trace provision. It is almost as if the Tories don’t care about working-class lives other than using us a source of taxed-based funding which they can then pass over to unaccountable private sector vultures like Serco. But rather than help coordinate public opposition to the Tories dangerous mismanagement of this pandemic Soulsby would rather limit his opposition to strongly worded letters – a strategy which is guaranteed to have no chance of impacting upon our government’s actions.

On the 28th October the City Mayor therefore wrote to the Tories test and trace czar (Baroness Dido Harding) wherein Soulsby began by expressing his “serious concern[s].” He explained:

“As you are no doubt aware, to improve the efficiency and speed of case tracing, Leicester was the first area to set up a local index…

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