Huge interest in the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn: Richard House writes . . .


Site statistics show that readers from eight countries searched for this news yesterday and found it important.

Suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is an outrage: Western Daily Press, 31 October 2020, p. 26

The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn by the Labour Party is an outrage, and will likely lead to tens of thousands of principled members quitting the party in disgust.  

The facts, based on objective survey evidence, are clear and unequivocal. 

Anti-Semitism is much less prevalent in the Labour Party than either in other mainstream political parties or in society as a whole – and always has been. 

Mr Corbyn is absolutely right that the problem of anti-Semitism in Labour has always been grossly exaggerated. Worse still, it has been disgracefully exploited and weaponised by an unholy alliance of establishment forces determined to destroy the Corbyn project by any means. 

When the true history of…

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