All bets are off, centrists. No more of your emotional blackmail will be tolerated

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

How do centrists in this country, and in the USA, manage to be so foam-at-the-mouth full of hatred for the left?

Keir Starmer yesterday massively overstepped by approving the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn’s membership of the Labour Party, simply for saying he did not agree with every single detail of the Equalities & Human Rights Commission Report into so-called ‘anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.’

Somehow, the new Labour leader thinks that being far more aggressive, ruthless and malicious towards members of his own party than he has ever been in his entire life towards the Conservative Party, is the way to be an Opposition leader. Starmer is reproducing the vile work Neil Kinnock carried out against his former allies in the 1980s, when he purged thousands of members from the party, on the dubious grounds that they were part of the ‘Militant Tendency’ – really just because…

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