EHRC report response by Chris Williamson

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Today, the Equalities & Human Rights Commission has published the findings of its investigation into a supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ problem in the Labour Party. Before I get to the main feature, let me make one thing clear: The report substantially exonerates the Labour Party, and especially its left wing membership of the last five years, of any accusations of ‘rife’ anti-Semitic behaviour. Its leadership under Jeremy Corbyn has been completely cleared of mishandling complaints, and Jennie Formby, his party General Secretary, is praised for the improvements she made to the complaints process. Current leader, Keir Starmer, by contrast, is criticised for doing nothing about racism issues, and for failing to keep promises he has made on related matters.

The witch-hunt against the Labour left is now conclusively proven, and is a fact of history, no matter how vile Zionist smear merchants like Jonathan Hoffman, Zvi Solomons

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