Guilty until proven innocent? Tories now want access to claimant bank accounts

Stop UK lies & corruption

Currently the Department for Work and Pensionscan apply to access the bank account activity of any claimant they suspect of benefit fraud. The Tories are thinking about changing this though. They want to monitor thebank account of every person on Universal Credit regardless of whether they’re suspected of benefit fraud.

For anyone not specifically on Universal Credit, don’t think you’ve escaped attention yet, because once they get access to the above they’ll inevitably want to see the accounts of all other benefit claimants too!

For those not on benefits saying “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear“, we have something for you to think about. After being given access to all of the above, why stop there? Why not give HM Revenue & Customs the power to monitor the accounts of every UK citizen? For the moment, just like the DWP, HMRC can only…

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