Zoom Conversation Tonight Between Rebecca Long Bailey and Grace Blakeley on the Recovery We Really Need

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I meant to put news of this up several days ago. Labour Assembly Against Austerity are hosting a Zoom conversation tonight, Wednesday, October 21, at 7 pm. between Rebecca Long Bailey and Grace Blakeley, who will be discussing The Recovery We Need. Here’s the email I received from them giving the news and details about the event.

‘With the Tories making working people and the poorest pay of their crisis our event this Wednesday is a vital discussion for the movement – We’re therefore writing to ask if you can take 30 seconds to help spread the word by:

  • Retweetingthis different tweethere
  • Sharing&invitingfriendshere
  • And of course registeringyourselfhere

Many thanks and best wishes,
TheAriseVolunteer Team.

Rebecca Long Bailey & Grace Blakeley in Conversation -The Recovery We Need
THIS WednesdayOctober21, 7pm.
Registerhere//share &invite friendshere//retweethere.

Rebecca Long Bailey…

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