Should the calls for a government of national unity be heeded?

Political Concern

A Gloucestershire reader thinks so. He comments that he does not envy Boris Johnson, who is facing an unknown enemy in a different kind of war – an ‘impossible situation’. As there is no common agreement about the way forward, our reader advocates setting party politics ‘on the back burner’ for, say, a six-month period.

In March Katy Balls, the Spectator’s deputy political editor, wrote, “with Brexit wars now a distant memory thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the idea of a government of national unity has re-entered public debate over the government’s handling of the virus outbreak”. 

She reported that a number of Tory MPs are now discussing the merits of some kind of cross party government for a short period of time and alleges that they are raising the idea as a way to share the burden (and blame) for a worsening public health crisis.

George Freeman…

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