Living standards have plunged for UK’s poorest families

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Living standards have plunged for some of the UK’s poorest families during the coronavirus pandemic, with over a third reporting they are financially even worse off since lockdown, according to Save the Children.

Is child poverty in rich countries exacerbated… | Oxford Martin School

The charity’s survey of households on universal credit or working tax credits found nearly two-thirds had run up debts over the past two months, 60% had cut down on food and other basics, and over a third had relied on charities for food and clothes.

It warned the end of the government’s job retention scheme meant this winter would be “more difficult than ever” for low-income families and called on ministers to help by boosting the weekly rate of child benefit by a minimum of £10 a week.

“Poverty and hardship are likely to soar in the coming months, with further lockdowns, rising unemployment and economic uncertainty all pointing towards a difficult winter for families with children,”…

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