Smoke without fire – Labour ‘antisemitism’. Fire without smoke – Tory antisemitism

Van Rants

In order to be able to say Labour had ‘a problem with antisemitism’, it is not simply enough to point out isolated incidences – no organisation with a membership of over half a million will ever be completely free of individual bigots – you have to demonstrate that there is a greater tendency towards antisemitism among Labour party members than there is among the general populace. . .

However, several separate, sustained, and detailed investigations into this field (Chakrabarti enquiry, Yougov investigation, CAA survey, the ‘unprecedented, 70-page police investigation’ (which found ONE *former* Labour party member to have made a single dodgy twitter comment!) and the mythical, apparently never-to-be-release EHRC report) demonstrated the opposite was true. Rates of antisemitism in Labour were LOWER than that of the general population (Tories were higher), and had DECREASED since Corbyn came to power.

This is why every news report used fluffy language like…

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