‘Frail’ People Like Me Should Not Be Denied Lifesaving Covid Care

Same Difference

Lockdown was easy for me, it has become my daily state more frequently throughout my life. I have a debilitating connective tissue disorder that keeps me indoors most days. It was a relief I no longer had to go out and pretend to be normal when wracked with ill-health and hidden pain. Like thousands of others with rare conditions, I’m already in a minority within a minority, marginalised by our NHS, battling increasing disability day by day. So, while many fear a second lockdown over the winter months, I haven’t gone out more often since the first one was lifted because I risk a double jeopardy – catching Covid, then being a low priority for medical care.

Back in March, without consultation and days before the first lockdown, the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS), a worldwide tool used to swiftly identify frailty in older patients to improve acute…

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