“Tsunami of Unemployment” Coming Warns Gordon Brown.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Job odds worst in 50 years as 4,000 go for single vacancy in work 'lottery'Facing  “tsunami of unemployment”

Today there is this:

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown warns of ‘tsunami of unemployment’ after lockdown

Edinburgh News.

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has warned of a “tsunami of unemployment” and business bankruptcies – unless the Chancellor delivers new economic lifelines.


Mr Brown, former MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, will address a Communication Workers Union conference today (Monday).

He said: “Facing a winter of massive job losses, rapidly-mounting unemployment and a wave of businesses bankruptcies, the Chancellor must go back to the drawing board, call a jobs summit to understand the despair in communities and rewrite his winter plan by fixing its fundamental flaws. “

He said last week’s package didn’t help 1.5m people currently unemployed, or those on Universal Credit and the self-employed excluded from the furlough scheme.

He added: “Shamefully, there was nothing additional to the inadequate Kickstart scheme for young people, 500,000…

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