Morning Star Attacks Threatened BBC.

Tendance Coatesy

Newspaper headlines: Johnson 'faces Covid revolt', and Charles' warning - BBC NewsOnly the personnel change in “anti-democratic” state broadcaster. Morning Star.

“Given the fact that the ‘ruling class’ in principle holds State power (openly or more often by means of alliances between classes or class fractions), and therefore has at its disposal the (Repressive) State Apparatus, we can accept the fact that this same ruling class is active in the Ideological State Apparatuses insofar as it is ultimately the ruling ideology which is realized in the Ideological State Apparatuses, precisely in its contradictions. Of course, it is a quite different thing to act by laws and decrees in the (Repressive) State Apparatus and to ‘act’ through the intermediary of the ruling ideology in the Ideological State Apparatuses.”

Louis Althusser, Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses.  (1970)

The Morning Star, best friend of the left, wholly independent and owned by the co-op, has an angle on plans to place the BBC…

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