Tory government directing political education in schools


Among signs of fascist tendencies in an elected government’s behaviour are direct instructions for manipulation and censorship in political education in schools, colleges and universities.

Betsy Davos, Trump’s Secretary of Education, ordered USA public (that is, the equivalent of UK state) schools to present biased versions of the country’s history, and similar instructions were issued to universities with a penalty of reduced or cancelled funding for those that refused to comply.

In Britain continuous campaigns by far-right protagonists attack places of education for not favouring worship of extreme free-market ideology.  For the usual gang of “classical liberals” – Toby Young, David Starkey, etc. – criticism of fair and balanced education is their vocation; it is also their grift.  Young’s latest cock-eyed nonsense is The Free Speech Union that seeks to impose platforms for far-right voices onto universities with a threat of legal action if they refuse.

The Tory…

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