Starmer wants us to be proud of our country; Corbyn wanted to build a country to be proud of


 Ars Notoria, ‘Wilderness years for the Labour Left’, by Paul Halas* (extracts)

Like many, I’m one of those who has found the past year thoroughly dispiriting. Leaving aside Covid, these have been dark days for the left. Keir Starmer’s virtual opening speech at the virtual Labour Party Conference was both revealing and demoralising.

My first reaction to Starmer’s piece was to think back to Peter Sellers’ wonderful all-purpose party-political speech parody from 1958, but the subtext was of course very serious (unlike Mr Johnson so we’re told) and underlined the party’s clean break with Corbynism.

The party is under new management. That’s so important that it’s become the new party slogan. The party deserved to lose the last election in spite of the combined might of the news media, the City, the corporate sector, a vast and sinister tsunami of venom via social media, and many within the Labour Party itself…

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