Labour Assembly Against Austerity’s Petition against Rishi Sunak’s Recovery Plan

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A couple of hours ago I got an email from the Labour Assembly Against Austerity. They are petitioning against Sunak’s support package announced earlier this week on the grounds that it doesn’t go nearly far enough in giving people the help they need. They wrote

‘Urgently Needed – A Plan for the People

Rishi Sunak’s announcement this week was too little, too late, and will not prevent a massive increase in unemployment. We need to fight for every job and we need to fight foran economic plan for the people.As part of this campaigning,over 9000 people have now signed up in support of thisplanto fight the Tories and put people first. Please help us get this up to 10,000 by taking30 seconds to:

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Let’s keep fighting the Tories and for a better…

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