Civil Service 1: Britain’s failures have been ‘collective, multilayered, and deadly’

Political Concern

There have been several critical references of late to the work of the British civil service*, though one correspondent wrote firmly, “It’s the civil service that keeps the country running!”

An excoriating article by the London correspondent of The Atlantic points out: “Britain has the worst overall COVID-19 death toll in Europe, with more than 46,000 dead according to official figures, while also suffering the Continent’s second-worst “excess death” tally per capita, more than double that in France and eight times higher than Germany’s”. Specifically:

  • It did not protect its oldest and most vulnerable, who died in nursing homes in appalling numbers.
  • It allowed the disease to spread throughout the country rather than isolating it in one area.
  • It failed to close its borders in good time,
  • abandoned contact tracing too early,
  • set targets that were missed,
  • designed government programs that didn’t work,
  • and somehow contrived to let the three…

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