Bridget Phillipson explained Labour’s anti-politics


In a speech to right-wing entryists Labour To Win on 13th September Labour’s shadow chief secretary to the treasury Bridget Phillipson delivered a short précis of Labour’s strategy in opposition.  

The single component of her exposition of the party’s strategy was Labour should listen to the public.  Phillipson’s opinion of the public was not complimentary; she assumed glibly that people are ignorant – they don’t follow the news much and they don’t have time to follow the detail of policies that don’t affect them” – and she suggested to her audience that the public should be patronised – we need to listen, learn and use their language.”

If the shadow front bench think the public lack knowledge of cause and effect or of how governments, the capitalist system and the economy works then they could try to help to inform the public but Phillipson said such…

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