Priti Patel, police and Extinction Rebellion


Protests, demonstrations and pickets are allowed in the UK only if they have little or no effect.  If they are effective then police shut them down using both lawful and unlawful tactics and politicians change the law to counter their success. 

In their campaigns for tough action to tackle climate change Extinction Rebellion and associated activists help to increase public support for demands for anti-climate change policies by governments.  The possibility of strong government policies to protect the environment horrifies the world’s biggest exploiters of people and resources.  These exploiters, and their financial partners, investors, shareholders and creditors, are employers of the Tories.

Extinction Rebellion’s law-breaking includes obstructing the highway and mild criminal damage, the latter often via the use of paint.  It is not an existential threat to civil society.  It is not ISIS or the IRA, and it is not well-funded organised far-right thuggery and violence.  However, it…

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