Lobbying 47: Policy Exchange – the lobby group most used by the British government  

Political Concern

46 posts on this site have the term ‘lobbying’ in their titles, and there are possibly hundreds more with references to lobbying or an allied phenomenon – the revolving door. The lobbyists’ efforts were usually directed at influencing political decisions in a way which would maintain or increase the profits of their company or industry paymasters.

The first one in 2009, recorded Baron Haskins of Skidby reproving Prince Charles. It opens: “On Radio 4‘s PM programme, arch-lobbyist Christopher Haskins criticised Prince Charles for openly lobbying and campaigning, saying that this gives him an ‘undue advantage’. (Ed: 5.9.20: BBC audio link has not been maintained). A few of the lobbying advantages enjoyed by Lord Haskins are recorded here . . . “

George Monbiot recently focussed on lobbyists whose primary aim is political instead of commercial, though they are probably very well remunerated.

After an interesting history of political lobbying he singled…

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