Keir Starmer: The Bystander


Of those still in parliament after December 2019 none of Jeremy Corbyn’s loudest critics chose to be nominated in the party’s leadership election earlier this year.  Streeting, Kinnock, Hodge, Jarvis, Coyle, Phillips, Perkins, Kyle, Benn, Eagle, Creasy, McGovern and others opted out of an examination by MPs, CLPs, unions and party members.  Laziness, cowardice and diametric opportunism motivated their absences.  Diametric opportunism is a strategy whereby an opportunistic event occurs that requires avoidance.  The aforementioned disruptors took the opportunity to avoid five years as leader of the opposition.

Obvious from the outset, the leadership campaign became a binary choice between Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey.  Enough Corbyn supporters, disillusioned by the extent of the general election defeat, chose to create a scenario in their heads whereby a “unity” candidate would be preferable to a successor to Corbyn.  That creation was more than a political error; it was a…

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