Has Twitter found a new way of shadow banning its ‘problem’ users?

Wirral In It Together

We sent a tweet this evening:

When we checked the tweet activity ten minutes later, there had been just one view.

Such an eventality is unheard of. Normally on our Twitter account there’d be between 50 and 100 hits on a Friday evening.

So once again, we’re smelling a rat. When this has occurred in the past, we’ve browsed to the trusty www.shadowban.eu, punched in our Twitter username and discovered a screen full of red annotations, indicating we’ve been shadowbanned by the Silicon Valley ghouls in several different ways.

But tonight, all was Green for GO and we were in the clear.

So unless everyone in the world has decided to ditch the internet and cease their online activity in unison, Twitter have sharpened…

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