British weapons for anti-human rights regimes

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A Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Strike Eagle departs for a training mission over Nevada, USA. Photo: DVIDSHUB/Creative Commons

By Ceren Sagir in Britain, 26 August 2020:

Training killer states to be better at it

Britain has sold its armed forces’ skills to 17 nations listed by the government as having abused human rights

THE British armed forces have provided military training for 17 countries listed by the Foreign Office as having abused human rights, it was revealed today.

Anti-arms campaigners called for the government to review its military collaboration and training with nations on the Foreign Office list of 30 “human-rights priority countries”, which has been ongoing since 2018.

The Foreign Office defines these as countries where it is “particularly concerned about human-rights issues” and believes Britain can make a difference.

States that received the training between 2018 and 2020 include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, China, Israel and Uzbekistan.

Skill-sets being passed on included commando operations, amphibious warfare and guided weapons.

In Saudi…

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