Darren Grimes and the Puppets of Power

The Free Press?

“Don’t worry about your A-levels, I don’t have any. Do what I did instead and spend £676,000 in a nationwide referendum.”

So said the Twitter account of Darren Grimes on the day the English exam results were released. The tweet alludes to his origin story: the fashion student plucked from obscurity to face charges of electoral fraud after £675,000 of Brexit campaign money avoided a funding cap by being channelled through Grimes’ BeLeave organisation.

The tweet later disappeared. Did Grimes delete it? Was his account hacked? As several Twitter users noted in the comments, it is often tricky to tell whether Grimes’ tweets are genuine or parodic!

DG is known as something of a provocateur. He presents himself as an iconoclastic figure willing to make up the “bravery deficit” necessary to “challenge the pervasive left-wing bias in online content, much of which originates from the UK’s mainstream media.”


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