Locked Down And Shut Out

Same Difference

Lockdown confined everyone to their homes but for some disabled people it has continued even as the country opens up.

Vicky Haylott lives near Edinburgh with her husband and three children.

She says her life was pretty normal before lockdown with the “slight complication” that she is blind, as is her husband and eldest son.

Vicky says the family, including seven-year-old twins Blake and Freya, who are fully-sighted, never let their disabilities hold them back.

“It was never a case of ‘we can’t go there because we can’t see’ because if the kids needed to be somewhere we found a way to get there,” she says.

‘We can’t social distance’

However, Vicky says the new public health rules and physical distancing, where the layout of familiar places has fundamentally changed, have caused her problems she has never faced before.

“Coming out of lockdown has been much harder than being in…

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