Crippen puts the Coronavirus expense bill into perspective

Crippen Cartoons

According to government figures the Coronavirus will have cost us an estimated £69 billion by October 2020. Sounds a lot, but let us put it into some perspective shall we …

Back in 2009 this government paid out £500 billion to bail out the bankers.

The cost of renewing Trident was another £200 billion.

The cost of HS2 so far is £106 billion.

And let’s not forget the government’s own estimate that over £70 billion is owed by their tax dodging friends!

Just saying!

Description of cartoon for those using screen reading software

A huge balance, like a seesaw dominates the page. On one end are several large sacks which contain money spent on Trident at £200 billion pounds, bank bailout at £500 billion pounds, and HS2 at £106 billion pounds. At the other end is a single sack containing estimated money spent on the pandemic at £69 billion pounds…

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