Social workers feel powerless to help poverty-stricken families

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Social workers feel ‘powerless’ in face of poverty afflicting most families involved with services.
Survey of practitioners on eve of coronavirus lockdown warns ‘immense’ stress on households is making meaningful social work more difficult
Image of empty wallet signifying poverty(Credit: vegefox / Adobe Stock)Increasing poverty is making it much harder for social workers to support families to make meaningful changes in their lives, a report has warned.

A survey of 129 practitioners – 117 of them social workers – between January and March 2020 found the “vast majority” of families receiving services were poor, with 94% saying the prevalence of this had increased.

Social workers who completed the survey, conducted by the Child Poverty Action Group, Association of Directors of Children’s Services and Child Welfare Inequalities Project, reported a range of factors that made working effectively with families under severe financial strain more difficult.

These included practical challenges, such as families being unable to afford travel to appointments, or…

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