The rewards of British political failure

Wee Ginger Dug

According to reports in the press, Ruth Davidson is to be given a peerage by Boris Johnson and will sit in the House of Lords. She’ll officially become the Barrenness of Principles that she’s been her entire elected career. It’s the traditional reward for Scottish Tories who fail. The Conservatives are the vampires of politics, sucking all the life out of Scottish democracy and we can’t kill their careers with election defeats. As such, Ruth Davidson being given a peerage is entirely unsurprising. The only question is which of her faces is being ennobled. A few years ago Ruth Davidson and her allies in the Scottish Conservative organised Operation Arse in an attempt to keep Boris Johnson away from the leadership of the Tories. Now he’s Prime Minister she’s accepting a peerage from him and is more interested in Operation Kiss Arse.

Still, now she can put the boot in…

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