Jeremy Corbyn’s legal defence fund – 2: £20,000 target, but over £170,000 raised and more coming in


Today, organiser Carole Morgan has expressed her deepest gratitude to everyone for the most amazing and overwhelming response to this fundraiser for Jeremy Corbyn.

Disloyalty will have political and financial costs

The funds on this campaign will remain on hold by GoFundMe until the details for distribution have been established with Jeremy’s office and I will continue to provide updates as they become available. Jeremy did not know about this campaign beforehand and he is deeply touched by this outpouring of love and support.

RD HALE, the author of the Skye City series, is a prolific campaigner who worked tirelessly to get Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street. His current goal is to return the Labour Party to its socialist roots because he is extremely unhappy with the current leadership, and his ultimate goal is defeating the oligarchy and ushering in a green industrial revolution.

On the 23rd,

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