Parents of disabled children targeted by Universal Credit scammers

Govt Newspeak

Two of the victims have spoken of the stress:

Sally Meer and her family fell foul of the scammers

Derby parents of disabled children have fallen foul of scammers using their identities to gain Universal Credit payments during the Coronavirus pandemic.

City-based charity Disability Direct has revealed that two of its clients had their names stolen by thieves who took payments. Both victims discovered the crime when their tax credits, awarded to enable them to provide care for their children, were stopped.

Only after weeks of turmoil when they were left missing hundreds of pounds were the payments reinstated.

Sally Meer, who lives in the Stockbrook area of the city, said: “It is ironic that I worked the Department of Work and Pensions until 2015 when I had a little boy, Harry, with Down’s Syndrome and had to leave my job to look after him.

“I had a letter on May 22 from the HMRC saying our tax credits were being…

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