I write this as an Englishman, despairing at the psychological state of my countrymen

I agree with your analysis 100% mate.
I’ve never had such feeling’s of hate, anger and despair at this Tory government and our so called “ed-yoo-kay-ted” electorate, for over 45 years.
Not since I was a bairn hiding in my bedroom as my bastard of a step father beat me and my mother up for the slightest of reasons. In fact no reason was needed, as we were both so shit scared of him we always made sure no fault could be found to upset him. Of course that never worked though as he always found something as an excuse to give us a hiding for.
My point is, I feel now, after 10 years of Tory rule, and being disabled and unable to work since 2011, just as scared now as I was then as a frightened 8 year old living in the same unhappy and abusive atmosphere, hoping, wishing and praying for it to end or for him to die.

Van Rants

The English people, as a whole, an average, have developed a mindset which is, essentially, that of a battered spouse, or the clinically insane.  The amount of Doublethink the population exhibits is extraordinary.

A population so gaslit, so utterly self-loathing, that they looked at the UK seeing over 10,000 more Covid deaths than any other country in Europe, and immediately cheered their government and absolved them of all blame, (forgetting about the open borders and untested and unquarantined new arrivals, the PPE and testing failures, and the failure to close major events) and instead went on to blame their neighbours, communities, and countrymen for sunbathing in parks etc.

You can practically see the English people as a single individual, cowering in a corner with a black eye and fat lip, whimpering “Its my fault they hit me!”, as their abusive Tory partner bears down upon them once more with fists…

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