Well, so much for clapping for NHS

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I did suggest a few weeks ago that there was an uncomfortable feeling that “Clapping for our essential workers” was a futile gesture. Worse than that however, it also provided a useful cover for those who would like to butcher the NHS, disguising their malice as affectionate respect.

So while the nauseating mafia currently running the country under the title of a Tory Government were joining in the rounds of applause every Thursday evening, they never once had any intention of supporting the efforts of NHS staff, or of rewarding them. Anyone with such intentions would have made a particular point of looking after student nurses who joined the Health Service early to reinforce the effort against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Student nurses thrown to the wolvesWhen a Tory applauds you is the moment you should be most worried. NB: The news has mentioned this, in fact, but it has been a bit…

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