Crippen asks where have we gone?!

Crippen Cartoons

Apart from the fact that we don’t physically get out on the streets anymore and shout about our rights as disabled people, there’s been a resounding lack of complaint from mainstream society about the way that this government are chopping apart our equality legislation.

I think one of the main reasons is that we have disappeared into the modern equivalent of a ghetto; we’ve changed our analogue lives for one where we reside digitally – online.

As far as the public are concerned because they don’t generally access our specialised blogs and social media pages, we’ve disappeared and no longer present as a viable candidate for equality anyway.

I know that it is much more accessible to live our lives online rather than struggling to overcome the many barriers that confront us in the ‘real’ world. We share our lives and our experiences online, we communicate online, and we create…

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