THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Sir Mark, his minions & the Shadow State now in control of Britain

The Slog

A shoal of Orwellian names, a rapidly expanding Secret State empire – and a political élite seemingly powerless to stop it.

Brief preamble: it seems I am now a Trump VIP – an opinion leader no less: an influencer of others.I keep writing to the Tangerine’s social media campaign to tell them that my feelings about The Donald are at best equivocal, but it makes no difference – they keep promoting me….and now I’ve gone beyond Gold to VIP. Last week I wrote to say I don’t have a vote in the US, but it’s obvious that they’re using AI.(See Friday’s Slogpost)

For some time now, The Times has been vaccinating its journalists against any kind of intelligence, artificial or otherwise. Only this can explain today’s piece by their top political team who reported as follows:


The general gist of the piece is that Michael Gove is now running…

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