The first instinct of the Tories is to lie

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s the new normal. This is the UK, where the British Government says something and it turns out to be a lie. On Friday the Health Minister Matt Spineless Hancock proudly announced that the British Government had met its target of 100,000 tests for Covid-19 per day. Matt Hancock announced that 122,347 tests had been done. Target met. Get test it done.

Only it quickly transpired that the British Government had done no such thing. The British Government, being deceptive and misleading I hear you say with gasped breath and shocked expressions. Why, that’s about as plausible as Reporting Scotland deciding that the real news priority of the people of Scotland was a story a wee cute kitten getting murrdurred while playing fitba, especially if the blame could be pinned on Thatessempee.

There have been 82,000 tests done, and a further 40,000 have been mailed out or sent to satellite…

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