IDF Knee-Capping Besieged Gazans. Hundreds of Palestinians Killed

Counter Information

Global Research, March 10, 2020

Live fire by Israeli soldiers, police, and other security forces against defenseless Palestinians threatening no one is official Jewish state policy.

What was instituted on the pretext of preventing harm to Israelis is systematically and repeatedly breached by IDF and other security forces, ordered by commanders to attack peaceful Palestinian demonstrators.

It goes on throughout the Occupied Territories, mostly against nonthreatening Gazan demonstrators.

On March 31, 2018, an IDF statement said “nothing (is) carried out uncontrolled. Everything (is) accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet land(s)” – the statement later deleted.

Israel consistently breaches international law principles of distinction and proportionality.

The former allows attacks against combatants, not nonthreatening civilians.

The latter prohibits attacks against combatants if harm to civilians may be greater than any military objective achieved.

In persecuting and otherwise mistreating Palestinians abusively, Israel operates extrajudicially, ignoring rule…

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