London Grenfell disaster, guilty corporations scot-free

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Protesters outside the Grenfell Inquiry yesterday morning shouted that the Inquiry is a ‘Whitewash! Shut it down’From daily News Line in Britain, 3 March 2020:

‘SHUT down the inquiry, it’s a disgrace!’ protesters shouted outside the Grenfell inquiry yesterday, on the first day it resumed after the Attorney General had ruled in favour of the cladding companies.

The new [Conservative] Attorney General, Suella Braverman, ruled that anything said in the inquiry cannot be used in a court of law.

The protesters shouted: ‘No immunity from prosecution! Prosecute now!’ and ‘Grenfell Inquiry! Whitewash!’

Inside the inquiry, chair Martin Moore-Bick began by confirming that witnesses have been guaranteed by Braverman that any answers to the inquiry will not be used against them in any future criminal prosecution.

He said: ‘No one is able to justify refusing to answer questions on the grounds that to do so would or might expose himself or herself personally to a risk of prosecution.’

As Andrzej Kuszell…

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