A New “Anti-Cuts Alliance” For Leicester!

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Capitalism is at the root of the Tory government’s ongoing attacks against the working-class. When profits are placed before human need, the majority always suffer. But still workers continue to fight back.

Earlier this morning workers in the University and College Union (UCU) launched a national strike in what BBC Radio Leicester described as “the largest wave of strikes ever seen on UK campuses.” At this very moment, staff at 74 universities are now involved in a mammoth battle to defend workers’ rights, with local union members out in force on picket lines at De Montfort University, the University of Leicester, and Loughborough University, against corporate profiteering.

The university workers are at the beginning of a fresh round of strikes. There is no crystal ball and there are no guarantees, but their escalating strategy, alongside numerous solidarity actions, will ensure them the best chance of succeeding. As…

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