‘No impunity for London Grenfell disaster corporations’

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LUCY MASOUD (with megaphone) on the FBU-Justice4Grenfell march to Downing Street on the first anniversary of the London Grenfell infernoFrom daily News Line in Britain:

No immunity for Grenfell companies’ – demands FBU member Lucy Masoud

7th February 2020

‘NO ONE should be immune from prosecution. The firefighters certainly weren’t and the manufacturers of the cladding definitely should not be,’ Lucy Masoud FBU member and Grenfell campaigner said yesterday.

She was responding to the news that Martin Moore-Bick, chairman of the inquiry into the Grenfell disaster, yesterday said he would be writing to the Attorney General for an undertaking that any evidence given by a selection of corporate witnesses would not be used to pursue criminal charges against them.

Masoud continued: ‘They should be made to give evidence and if that evidence leads to a criminal prosecution then there must be no immunity.

‘As firefighters were called to the inquiry, we gave evidence without question.

‘Firefighters were scrutinised, they were questioned, they were criticised and in…

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