Meet the multimillionaire who thinks homeless people should sleep in wheelie bins

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Wheelie_bins_homeless_people_TRIANGLENEWS_12JPGMultimillionaire Peter Dawe (pictured above), who ran as the Brexit Party candidate in the General Election, has ‘crafted a pod’ out of two wheelie bins that he hopes will somehow alleviate the problem of rough sleeping. 

Dawe fashioned what he called a ‘sleep pod’ out of two red wheelie bins, which turn on a hinge to create enough room for someone to lie down in. The entrepreneur, who picked up 1.9% of the votes when he ran in the General Election in Cambridge last year, says the ‘invention’ costs just £100. He has dozens of companies and projects listed on his website, and he believes the ‘invention’ could have a global impact.

2 Wheelie_bins_homeless_people_TRIANGLENEWS_9JPG

Dawe spending 10 minutes in his wheelie bin ‘pod’

“I saw on the telly rough sleepers complaining they had been kicked and pissed upon,” he explained.

“Lying on the street in a sleeping bag, you are very vulnerable.”


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