London Grenfell disaster inquiry insufficient, firefighters say

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Firefighters march with survivors and local residents on the first anniversary of the Grenfell infernoFrom daily News Line in England:

FBU criticises ‘serious shortcomings’ of Grenfell Tower Inquiry

29th January 2020

BELOW is the introduction to the Fire Brigades Union’s 64-page ‘Response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 Report’, containing scathing criticism of its ‘significant shortcomings’.

‘The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) is the democratic, professional voice of firefighters and other workers within fire and rescue services across the UK.

‘We represent the vast majority of whole-time (full-time) and retained (part-time, on-call) operational firefighters and operational fire control staff across the UK.

‘The FBU welcomes the publication of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry (GTI) Phase 1 report. The bereaved, survivors and residents (BSRs) – as well as firefighters – have waited too long for an official report into the fire.

‘The union commends the GTI for the dignified treatment of those who died or who lost loved ones.

‘The FBU welcomes the…

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