Social care reform — alarm at Tory proposals


Johnson 15 Jan PMQs

At Prime Minister’s Questions on 15 January, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked Boris Johnson why the delay on reform of social care addressing the crisis.  Watch video here.

What some Conservatives have suggested so far, is even worse than now:

  • A class-biased two-tier system, whereby low-income people continue to get poor-quality care, while those who can pay, or can buy private insurance, get better care (Damian Green).
  • Increased personal taxation to pay for later care (Jeremy Hunt).

In England, the charging systems for residential care homes, and homecare — support at home — are different.  And Scotland has a different system with free personal care for pensioners.

Residential care homes:

If you have savings or “capital” below £14,250, you don’t have to pay anything.

If your savings are between £14,250 and £23,250, then the local Council will pay some and you are asked for a part…

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