Universal Credit has left me feeling suicidal

Govt Newspeak

A former construction boss with serious health problems says trying to live on Universal Credit has left him feeling suicidal.

Down on his luck: Andy Metcalfe

Andy Metcalfe, a 56-year-old former construction manager for various companies, says says he was turned down for PIP – personal independence payment, a benefit for people with disabilities – and is waiting for the outcome of a new claim.

He says the £650 Universal Credit payments he receives does not cover his outgoings of £800 a month – and he can’t even afford to attend vital health appointments.

Mr Metcalfe, from Brighouse, said: “I’m feeling very suicidal due to all the stress – and it’s making my health even worse. “I had to leave employment that I really enjoyed due to high blood pressure, which I was unaware I had. “It was at a very dangerous level, so a great deal more tests had to be carried out, which all took time.

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