The messiah of gammon

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s about this time of the festive season that someone pops up to complain that we really need to remember that it’s all about Christ. There’s no need for that this year, as it’s patently obvious that the UK is all about making us say “Oh. Christ.” According to rumours, Nigel Farage is getting a knighthood in the New Years honours list for his services to politics. This is merely the latest incident in the rapidly lengthening list of things about the UK that make you want to hit your head off a brick wall in the vain hope that you can either wake up and discover it was all a dystopian nightmare brought on by a surfeit of gammon, or at least put yourself into a coma that with a bit of luck will last until the multicoloured shittiness of it all has gone away.  Mind you the expression…

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