What happened? How Labour lost the Election.

Think Left

Much has been said and written post the General Election. This analysis says it all, and points to tough times ahead. I would question why the Labour Party and the Green Party are opposing one another. For the sake of the planet we need to be united in opposition.

Kayla writes..

“If anyone is still trying to make sense of wtf happened in the GE here is my take on it:

As a political analyst and historian (I literally have to keep repeating this like an arrogant twat cos my credentials just keep being dismissed as an opinion and frankly I’m sick of it) I really think remainers need to read and consider it and learn from it:

I see centrists blaming corbyns unpopularity not realising their toxic reaction to his leadership was a huge contributory factor towards that.

They stop at his unpopularity without probing further. It makes sense…

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